Areas To Date Around London-A Full Guide

Please note: I’m not a coach but am looking for Wings in London, Dubai Or Nice (South Of France) places where I’m usually based so please get in touch for networking Email:

This list for now is pretty raw and I will be looking to add to it more and more as I get new ideas.

How to Decide What to Do? 

Picking your date based on the person personality/ culture  who you’re dating may have a strategic advantage as opposed to just picking what’s convenient to you and your own time . When I started I just went to the same place over and over again without looking at other places that could’ve possibly made the date more exciting and could’ve made certain girls open up more. Try and induce variety in your dates can make the occasions more interesting for you and for the women you date. Will also let you realise what kind  of dates you yourself enjoy doing- mixing dates , locations can make the date more entertaining for both you and the girl so don’t be afraid to experiment and don’t get stagnant. 

 Obviously some locations will  depend on your personality/ habits like  if you drink or not. I personally don’t as I can’t handle my alcohol and after numerous health problems from it I gave it up so from my perspective on this list im leaning more to coffee shops and picnic places rather than areas for booze. If you’re dating a religious girl too or someone that doesn’t drink you may want to think more seriously about good places to hang at night that don’t involve alcohol , a sisha bar  or the Churchill cigar bar in Marble Arch can be a good substation for example .

Alcohol Or Not?   

Sober dates can be a good way to improve your verbal , sub-communication      , if you’re someone in the past that has done nothing but dates involving alcohol and getting fucked off your ass maybe up the difficulty level and try a sober picnic or a casual coffee.  This will help you to work on your conversation skills and put you out of your comfort zone and will also help you in the long run with your health and will force you to ram up your convo and general knowledge skills to induce longer , more interesting conversations without the need of alcohol  . Remember we are all getting older you can’t simply rely on alcohol forever as the older you get the worse the hangovers and toll it will take on you and your life in general. Also excessive drinking can harm performance in the bedroom and your productivity especially if you have big rotations or are seeing a lot of women at once you may want to axe the drinking alcohol dates for the cheaper coffee dates . Especially if youre stacking 3-5 dates a week continued drinking might drain you of energy and vibe for other dates so keep that in mind. Add sex into this and the impact on your sleep might drain productivity in other areas of your life too. 

First Date Types– 

These obviously don’t need to be done as one set individual location  and if you’re escalating sexually its ideal to keep moving to different locations to keep the sense of adventure running in the date. Try to choose 2-3 locations in one setting. So picking your area that you’re dating is extremely important, make sure this area has a mixture of cafes, bars and restaurants to keep things popping throughout the date. For example an area like High Street Kensington has picnic spots stacked with restaurants and bars which will enable you to do interesting bounces. Places like Marble Arch have unique hotels and bars all located near one another that can make for exciting bounces between each location.  

Picnics – Can create a sense of adventure and are a great opportunity to lead , pick wine, food together . Obviously weather dependant and isn’t really recommended to do in London in the Winter time. Japanese Gardens in Kensington, Wimbledon Common or Hyde Park are my preferred spots. 

Casual Coffee – London Is stacked with coffee shops ideally you want to pick ones with couches where you can escalate  , recommendations include Joe and The Juice and the new hot chocolate chain Knoops. 

Bar and Drinks -Can be easily stacked with other dates and are recommended for anyone who likes alcohol. Make sure you pick bars that are quiet and can enable conversation and escalation my personal favourite is the Nobu Hotel in Portman Road full of sofas and create a quite intimate experience that gives the opportunity for escalation. I would be against picking a loud pub or bar and in stead research for areas that aren’t so crowded so you can actually hear the girl speak. 

Galleries –  Art Galleries Like Saatchi Gallery , Tate Modern can be good spots to lead especially for students who haven’t previously lived in London. It’s recommended not to long it out in the galleries and try and bounce to a coffee shop or bar area after 1-1.5 hours 

Getaway Weekend – (Currently writing a separate guide for this)  For long term rotations, keeping interest and excitement high for the girls you want to keep around is key. After visiting lots of the major dating locations in London you might want to consider going to other parts of the UK and arranging getaway weekends with your girls. This will keep up the sense of adventure in the relationship . 

Straight to Your Place– I had previously written a guide about this that ill be publishing again, but there are techniques you can use to test to the waters to see if the girl w22ill go straight to your place on the first date. This has advantages in that you can get the lay quicker and for girls that are tourists you want to escalate as optimally as possible. However there have been numerous occasions were this has worked out badly for me. 5 occasions I had lmr which the girl never texted me back after- I also had one girl accuse me of just trying to fuck her as quickly as possible. A move of going straight back to yours on the first date might be deemed to quick and paint you as too much of a fuck boy for her early on. In my opinion its best to wait it out and take a couple of dates to build up some excitement – push pull etc. Then go back to yours, of course everyones opinions will be different on this so feel free to disagree. Of course this will partly be determined by how long that girl is in the city for . If they’re a student that just started a 3 year bachelors degree then escalating straight to yours will be risking a whole lot of lmr and gambling away potentially 3 years of sex if you played everything a bit smoother and more patiently. If they are a tourist on a weekend away In London then you need escalate as quick as possible while buying temperature is high.

Restaurant Dates: Very Difficult to garner success from restaurant dates they’re extremely difficult to sexualise and very hard to convert from, restaurant dates are more recommended when you’ve at least fucked the girl once or else its a massive cash investment for very little reward. 

Second Dates: You should aim to frame these straight to your place in the ideal world. So set the goal to at least cook for them before the date is set. I’ll be writing a guide about this shortly. But if they won’t come to yours at least frame the date in your location. 

After You fuck them : Make sure you take them out to a restaurant or treat them somewhere. Ive lost many a girl by treating them like shit after sleeping with them. You should make an effort to acknowledge them so they don’t believe they are being used just for sex and take them out at least once for food afterwards. Some People will see it as beta spending money on a girl but personally I think its ok after you’ve slept with them to treat them once in a while. The better you treat them the longer and better chance you have of the girl staying on your rotation 

Long Term- 3-5 Dates in : In order to keep the relationship fresh I recommend taking the girl to other cities- remember the more travel and adventure you have with a girl the more you will build a romantic  adventure in her mind which can help secure more of a connection and deepen the intimacy in the relationship. It can also help to keep the relationship fresh if you’re bored of London – I will be writing another guide soon but overall I recommend trips to : Cotswold, Bristol , Lake District as a few other cities and places you can take girls to keep the excitement and adventure high in your relationship. 

Trips Abroad: Never agree to a trip abroad with a girl unless you’ve at least fucked them once. You don’t want awkward pressure lingering on your date with someone.  Living in a city like London you can do easy cheap flight get aways to many European cities and it’s an easy way to keep the relationship fresh and exciting- I’d only recommend doing this 3-4 months at the very least , make sure you’ve taken them around London and lead them around the UK first before embarking on a trip abroad so you know you can at least trust them that they flip out or create an awkward situation for you. 

Ways to Keep Up to Date with New Date Locations: 

London is an ever growing city with new opportunities arriving almost monthly . In order to keep track of these new locations following instagrams of influencers that eat dine out regularly is a great way to keep track of Innovative date locations:

Low Budget Yet Exciting Dates: 


The Positives of Dating in Central London: 

  • Easy for most women to get to and relatable. Of course if you’ve just met a girl on the street meeting her somewhere relatable is always an easy way to usher in an element of safety rather then making the girl come all the way to your area which may be inconvenient for her. 
  • Good atmosphere- Speaks for itself, many girls particularly those raised abroad visiting London for the first time as students or tourists should find Soho an enticing prospect.  


  • Loud and noisy especially on the weekends – this can make it potentially difficult to hear her if you take her to a bar that’s too packed. Which can make the romanticism and seduction a difficult task. 

Recommendations on a budget : 

Joe and The Juice Soho:

  • Simple Cheap and easy date Joe and the Juice Soho is a basic dating spot to take a girl out in central London , if things are going well there are plenty of areas to go nearby for food and bars for the second bounce. 

After A coffee you can bounce to Chin Chin Labs which do marshmallow hot chocolates- a follow up to All Bar One is decent for another bounce location.

  • Italian Bear Chocolate-Soho is another decent location to pick which does really entertaining hot chocolates – good cheap and entertaining for a first date along with couches that can be good for escalating. 

Bit Pricier: 

  • Sketch Soho – Obviously more high end with drinks being a bit more expensive but it’s a unique experience with several bars in one location which can provide an opportunity to lead women you date. 

Clapham Park  – 

Picnic Date Idea – Whole Foods then Walk to Clapham Park for the picnic 

Simple Coffee Shop date- Knoops and Joe the Juice are both cheap and simple locations – Whole Foods Clapham Park has a new coffee shop too which can be stacked well with the All Bar One located just 5 minutes away from it. 

High Street Kensington – 

Picnic Idea Date Idea -> Whole Foods to buy the food  then Japanese Garden for the picnic  – Whole Foods itself can be a date location to grab a coffee with plenty of seating, quite busy during the weekends though. 

Simple Coffee Shop Idea- Knoops, Joe and the Juice , Street Food Markets to eat located opposite to whole foods.  Also some Iranian, Filipino and Iraqi restaurants located 10 minutes away from the station.  There’s also a Megan’s which can be decent for a coffee. Overall high street Kensington is a great place if the weather is good you can move the date quickly onto respective parks, bars etc. 

Fulham Broadway : 

Whole Foods is the easy options followed by several bars located nearby. There is a new food court located straight next to the station which is good for a cheap eat. 

Notting Hill – 

Recommendations on a Budget- 

Grab a coffee at Daylesford Organic – if going well there are plenty of ice cream shops around for a second bounce and bars nearby for a third.  Notting Hill is a great place to walk around with tourist girls or girls that are new to London for the first time so just grabbing a coffee at a Leon near the station then going for a walk around can suffice especially on the weekends with the markets on. 


Shot London : An instagramable  Coffee shop  with decent finesse , pretty packed with Arabs but nonetheless a unique spot in London . 

Marble Arch– 

Potential Date Plans: 

Selfridges- Selfridges has a decent size food court area with plenty of places to sit there are also many different restaurants and bars located inside so an ideal – there are literally new bars built inside Selfridges every 6 months or so 

Nobu Hotel: Now im not saying go buy your girl dinner at Nobu , but the bar on the downstairs area serves up relatively cheap small meals and does drinks, teas and coffee.With couch seating its the perfect place for an intimate date and really not that expensive about the same price as you’d be paying for a cocktail at All Bar One but far less louder. Also everyone loves Japanese architecture 

Churchill cigar bar: great place to wind down after a bar or coffee which delivers a real “London feel” perfect for girls who are tourists or living in London for the first time. 

Daylesford Organic is also Located here which is good place to grab a coffee although seating can be limited. 

Idea for Stacked date plan: 

Selfridges for a coffee -> Nobu for A cocktail Wine, Light snack -> Churchill Cigar bar for more drinks and a bounce home . Make sure you keep in mind the opening and closing times for these areas.

Or alternatively if the date is a late night one past 9pm you can just go and do the Nobu Hotel to Churchill Cigar Stack. 

Sloane Square/Knightsbridge

Sloane Square is an excellent date spot as it has a sweet street food market on the weekends , loads of coffee shops, an excellent gallery and some intimate restaurants and bars. A perfect place to stack several bounces together and a ascetically pleasing safe area to hang around in.  

Joe and the Juice- JATJ downstairs can be a very intimate spot 

Saatchi Gallery – One of my favourite spots to take cultured girls great area for a date also right by it are many good restraint bars and coffee shops. 

Raw Press Juice Bar- Located between Knightsbridge and Sloane Square a beautiful little bar spot . Can be stacked with other areas easily. 


Daylesford Organic located on Pimlico is a beautiful shop for a coffee. 

Fulham Broadway: 

Whole Foods Fulham Broadway is a great place to grab a juice or a snack. There are plenty of bars nearby. Theres a food stall right next to Fulham Broadway station with plenty of places for eating. 

London Bridge: Borough Market next to the station is a fantastic place to go and grab some coffee or some food then have a drink along the river

Islington:  In honesty I haven’t dated at all in Islington myself but have clocked a few good places for a drink – Jiji’s in a beautiful square which serves good drinks and with other locations good for a bounce. There are also several coffee shops in the same area.  Megan’s in Islington also has good outdoor seating good for first time round coffee dates. 

Shoreditch : 

  • Box Park has several decent shops that can be used as date locations – Humble Dough being cheap cool ice cream spot. Plenty of good restaurants and ice cream shops that you can go to afterwards. 
  • Another shop called The Grocery is a good spot for a coffee – Shoreditch itself is visually a very interesting city with plenty to see and look around at so just simply walking with the girl can suffice.  
  • Dark Sugars- Another good location for a hot chocolate and a cool place for a first date- a bounce and walk around Greenwich park might be ideal. 

King’s Cross Station: 

  • King’s Cross has a plethora of spots to date at with many new restaurants built near the UAL campus.  
  • Area outside Google Headquarters is a decent place to go on a picnic, a good plan and set up for a date here might be to go to the Waitrose nearby – buy food then head outside the google headquarters and have a picnic- afterwards there are many places bars nearby that are good for drinks 

South East London 


Date Ideas- Coffee , Bars Drinks , Picnics 

-Wimbledon Village is a prime date location with plenty of small coffee shops a great area to walk around with a nearby park perfect for picnic dates. 

  • Demitasse – Good coffee shop in the heart of Wimbledon Village and equipped with couches an ideal first date spot. 
  • Megan’s Wimbledon- Not as good seating wise as Demitasse but an interesting second location option if need be. 
  • A coffee shop followed by All Bar One can be a good date plan. 

Picnic Idea- Go to Bayley and Sage buy some wine , cheese , sandwiches and other alcohol and then walk to Wimbledon Park which is around 10 minutes away , again said before when buying food for a picnic with the girl make sure the girl feels included in the decision making process. 

Putney: All Bar one and several other bars located along the river serve as decent date spots. Overall not the best location to date someone and only really advisable to someone living in the area or in a nearby town like Wimbledon. 

Kingston Upon Thames: A different sort of location in London located along a river it can be a unique town to take a girl out in. Cote Brassier located next to  the river does decent drinks and is a romantic setting if the weather is good. 

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