Areas to Game Around London A full Analysis

Areas around London to game, a full analysis by Darren PUA 

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The importance of continually moving around as a PUA

London is a packed place and its important to innovate and move around when doing day game here, make sure you are constantly moving around and gaming in different spots. Making yourself open to new exciting relationships with a variety of women. Don’t make that beginners mistake of getting bogged down in one area. Its terrible far too many people start day gaming by going to Oxford Street and staying there till they die. This is the worst most predictable way to do your game. Move around constantly and try your day game techniques in as many different places. Its possible to get laid everywhere. Here contains the best times and worst times to visit the top places to do day game in London its still possible to get laid during the worst times and its still possible to get blown out like a motherfucker during the best times. Don’t let this install unrealistic expectations or limiting beliefs.  I’ve also laid out additional information for where to go during bad weather and chains of shops you can target to meet high quality women. I’ve adapted this guide following the 2020 Covid Pandemic to give people ideas of where to go and game even in this current situation. Please note that women are still extremely friendly and upbeat most of the time and there’s very little to worry about. 

Getting noticed: Its important not to spend too long in one university area , I’ve gamed a lot in south ken and started getting noticed by the same girls there, nothing wrong with this but you don’t want to constantly be in the same area everyday especially a uni campus as you don’t want to build a reputation . Do one university campus one day and don’t come back to it the following week. Keep it fresh 🙂 You also don’t want university staff to notice you in the long run, avoid approaching near guards and uni teachers that work there. Its fine most of the time, but if you’re gaming somewhere 40 times a year you want to avoid approaching near staff.  Likewise for shopping areas  you really want to avoid constantly approaching infant of security guards or approaching people who work at areas you like to go often in order not to risk yourself getting banned.                                  

Getting outside of your comfort zone by reframing in a positive way .This I find to be so important a lot of people I meet that approach in the same place mainly in central because they are comfortable with it. They never branch out for fear that the girls in an area will be weird or will be low quality, this is seriously limiting your chances for meeting a variety of women, London is a big city don’t just stick to Leicester square like a basic bitch pickup hoe. Ive been around a lot of PUAs that have approach anxiety in certain areas because they believe women in one area are too good for them compared to women in another e.g. one wingman had approach anxiety in Canary Wharf because he thought the corporate girls there were too good for him this was a limiting belief set by the area of London he was actually in.What you should look for is a positive reframe. Think to yourself girls in Canary Warf are corporate girls looking for more intimacy than their job in the investment bank provides them. Not all rich girls in Harrods are basic bitch instagram hoes, some of them are normal girls looking for intimacy. 

Don’t let rejection in a certain area make limiting beliefs about a certain area that you are gaming in . Just because you got 2 rejections in Knightsbridge doesn’t mean that every girl in Harrods is a spoilt ass gold digging hoe. You need to do 40-50 approaches in an area before you can give rise to judgement over the women there. 

 Maintaining a positive attitude during Covid- Focusing on the Positives: 

Whilst Covid 19 has made some things a lot harder it’s important to maintain a positive attitude during your Daygaming experiences in London. Start looking at the positives and there are many: 

  • People’s continuous reliance upon technology will lead to them yearning for more intimacy giving day gamers a huge opportunity to provide people with real intimate contact.
  • 10000s of Students have moved into this city looking for people to meet and have new experiences who’ve had limited opportunity to meet people at their universities due to Covid thus giving day gamers an opportunity to make an impact on people’s lives
  • People are currently lonelier than ever now giving those who approach during day-game an advantage 
  • London will always be a city full of individuals flowing in and out. Whatever happens in the near future there will always be opportunities there and you must be open minded about them
  • Always remember as a famous PUA coach James Marshall said “youre only one approach away from a relationship that can change your life” and you need to be open to these opportunities as they can happen at any time anyplace. Don’t use Covid as an excuse to stop being social
  • “But she’s wearing a mask” Is a shit excuse, talk to her and try and connect with her anyway , being proactive is way more important that making excuses and doing nothing. 

Picking a location to game based on what you want in your women in your life: 

  • Make sure you sit down and really think what you want in a woman then go there and be proactive and try and get it. Many first time PUAS simply just go to Oxford Street or Central with no real plan of what sort of girls they want . 
  • Like sports girls for example? Approach outside gyms, preferably high end gyms like Third Space look for where the women with the habits you want are. Im very into health and fitness and run a fitness blog so for those into healthy foods i recommend approaching in shops which put a huge emphasis on Health and Wellness like Daylesford Organic Chain or Whole foods/ Planet organic. There are literally 100s of places that can fit the habit demographic that you want so think clearly about what YOU , yes the YOU the person who is reading this wants in his life. 
  • This also reaches into nationalities what nationality are you into and pick locations you want to approach them in based on that.  If you’re into Arab women for example Kensington outside of Harrods is the ideal place. Similarly if you’re into Eastern Europeans High Street Kensington and Knightsbridge are two great places to game for them or if you like Iranians then West Kensington has a high Iranian demographic. 
  • Picking university sites maybe of interest to what you’re passionate about . Like Sciences then approaching outside of Imperial college might be your best bet or outside of UCL’s engineering facility in Russel Square. Into more arty girls or passionate about things like Drama,Fashion etc. then approaching outside UAL will give you a better chance of forming the connections you want. 

This part of the guide i haven’t had much type to upgrade seeing as my knowledge is limited but I’ve put a few places 

High End Places to Approach and meet interesting women into fitness and health:

  • Outside Equinox gyms -high end gym chain full of high quality women all around London 
  • Third Space, another high end gym chain that has a large group of quality  girls into fitness and wellbeing . 
  • Any of the Daylesford Organic foot shops (the most expensive organic food shop in London) with locations in Sloane Square and more . 
  • Whole foods  – Chain of health food stores usually have a large amount of people to approach in  
  • Planet Organic- The Tottenham Court shop used to be packed full of students but due to Covid 19 its now shut. 

Eastern European Women: 

  • Huge Demographic in High Street Kensington and Knightsbridge 
  • Sloane Square 

Arab Women: 

  • Knightsbridge 
  • Marble Arch/Selfridges 

Latino Women: 

  • Holloway Road 
  • Elephant and Castle

Asian/Chinese/ Korean/ Japanese : 

  • China Town
  • Wanyoo – Gaming Shop  (has a surprisingly large amount of Chinese girls coming in and out of it) Chain in Charring Cross , Canary Wharf and Leicester Square. 
  • New Malden/Wimbledon highest Korean Demographic outside of Korea. 

Long term versus short term-University Students V Tourists 

Day game is capital intensive and exhausting on the brain, its also immensely rewarding but you must be self aware of where you’re spending your time. If you spend your time on tourists and you are working a hectic career think is this date worth your time? A date takes a lot of time and tourists more often then not disappear forever after they leave London so think with yourself is this tourist worth my time? If your time is limited it’s better to be around in places where there are university students because picking one of them will result in 1-3 years of sex in comparison to a tourist which will be a week of sex at most. The time you spend in student areas will yield you more sex over a time period.

Universities also have fresh students each year and every 6 months on exchange programmes. Also during summer time summer school opens up a window to gain access to other new women as well. 

Recommended Walking Routes for day-game 

South Ken ——>  Knightsbridge —-> Sloane Square 

This is my personal favourite recommended walking route starting in South Ken then walking to Knightsbridge and Sloane Square. Lots of uni students, high end shoppers and rich locals. 

Kings Cross —-> Russel Square —> Tottenham Court Road 

This is a fantastic route which can again be covered at all times of day  which i recommend from doing from September to October when Universities start . Packed full of students walking on this route you’ll have no trouble meeting a wide array of students.  Recommend doing this until around 7pm after which it can get quite dead in Russell Square and Tottenham Court Road. 

Shoreditch High street —-> Liverpool Street then train to Mile End . 

Both Shoreditch High Street and Liverpool street have a great young crowd and a tonne of students to game 

Covid 19 Spots – 

During the Covid 19 pandemic its been harder to find good spots for foot flow, I therefore have decided to update this guide to include a few places you should target when doing daygame to optimise your results. Theres still plenty of opportunity’s out there and although some places have gotten worse a few have gotten a fair bit better. Even if some places are a bit emptier you should still reframe it as a positive opportunity to stop people more easily and efficiently . 

Places id target during the pandemic: 

Soho -6pm 10pm 

Knightsbridge from 12-7:30 pm on weekends and 5pm-7:30pm during the weekday. Due to Covid 19 Harrods is closing earlier but still has fantastic foot flow 

Selfridges- Not as good as it used to be Pre-Covid but still interesting nonetheless and still with a decent foot flow especially on the weekends. 

Canary Wharf – Has picked up a lot in terms of foot flow with a large amount of students and finance workers here . 

University Campuses: Most universities will be restarting as normal from September 20th onwards and they represent a great opportunity to meet women who are new to the city. Also women are in general attracted to life experience and maturity so if you’re a man with good SMV you can really trump the 18-21 year old beta uninteresting/ immature males that female university students are around. I tend to get by best successes around September/October time around unversity campuses . 

University Campuses I’d recommend: 

  • Queen Mary’s -Mile End 
  • Imperial College -South Kensington 
  • UAL -King’s Cross 
  • SOAS/UCL/ Birkbek University  – Tottenham Court Road 
  • North Greenwich – University of Greenwich 

All these areas will be packed and with Covid 19 there will likely be less social events at these universities giving more opportunity to men who game around them to meet women who are lonely and bored. 


– In-spite of there being a current Covid19 Pandemic Soho is still very active on Fridays and Saturdays and even during weekdays with a variety of people eating out. 


  • Large footfall of people including new students who are coming to London for the first time 
  • Huge array and variation of women . 
  • Women can be very up for meeting here at night and can be a great place for instant dates with women drunk and more socially open. Of course some might be less socially open and be hyper defensive due to them being approached non stop in this location .  


  • Difficult to stop people in packed areas especially the small roads. 
  • Security can stop you sometimes if you’re approaching women that are eating at the restaurants there. 
  • Very little narrative. Because there are a huge array of Puas there it can be extremely difficult to create a romantic impact on the girls there given that there are so many guys approaching therefore your approach no longer seems to have that “ alpha” impact that it would have in an area in which people don’t normally approach in. 
  • Women can be excessively open here not because they like you but because they’re just drunk, can be difficult to vibe with someone when they’re intoxicated. 
  • Without a wing its going to be difficult to garner interests from groups and lone walking on a Friday or Saturday night isn’t really depicting much value. Make sure you get a wing before you chose to approach here.
  • Can be very dead during certain days. 
  • Large crowds usually require a strong stop or people will treat you like a beggar etc. 
  • With drunk women you’re going to need a lot of energy to make an impact on them so an introverted individual might struggle in this environment. 

Best Times: 

Friday-Saturday Night 




Worse times : 

Monday to Thursday 


Ways to enhance your experience in Soho: 

  • Get wingmen as I mentioned earlier  I’ve always been in favour of wingmen but in soho in the night having wingmen is much more optimal than doing it on your own. It just is .  Especially with the party atmosphere to win time you really want to be in a group of men that vibe socially well with both you and the women 

China Town : 

Another place which during Covid  is actually more packed than usual in some sense. China town has great foot flow during the weekend with a lot of people going out to eat also during the week days between 7-10pm 

Pros : 

  • Large Asian foot flow if you’re into Asians then this place has a constant stream of Asian students coming in 
  • At the end of the road where the restaurants finish in China town there is a section of desert and ice cream shops which are often packed on the weekends with people students. A great opportunity to flex your skills with group sets. 
  • A lot of groups of people walking around with so a great opportunity for double dates or to catch girls that haven’t decided where they’re going to eat yet. 
  • Korean supermarket and Sainsbury’s nearby which are both open to very late offer a good opportunity to game in bright light. 

Cons : 

  • You really need a wing to make the most of this place as there are large amount of groups hanging out here. 
  • Can have a weird vibe with the prostitutes and sex workers that hang around here.
  • Very close to the “Pua laden spots” 

Instant Date Spots: 

Numerous Ice Cream spots and bubble tea shops make for nice “low investment” dates. 

Shoreditch High Street 


  • Very young crowd here a lot of people working for startups and various “millennial” companies 
  • Good percentage of people who live here are students going to Universities like UAL. 
  • Lots of great instant date spots , coffee shops, doughnut places, bars etc. Shoreditch offers a fantastic variety of things to do . 
  • Cons: 
  • Can be surprisingly empty at times in the weekend and weekday . 

Best times to go : 

After work hours

5-8pm Weekdays 

Notting Hill 


  • If you’re into your high status and highly accomplished women here is the place to be. A large amount of celebrities live and work in this region of London and it can be a great place to game mature and sophisticated individuals. 
  • A lot of high status and sophisticated shops, Planet organic , high end gyms etc. Make for a good consistent footfall and mix between tourists and locals.  The more high status an area the increased likelihood you’re going to find mature women who have a lot going on in their lives and therefore increase the probability of interesting dates. 
  • Huge amount of coffee shops and places to go for an instant dates leaves you with a tonne of options .


  • Not that many young people 
  • Can get quite dead after 6pm 

Good Instant date locations : 

  • Daylesford Organic Notting Hill 
  • Leon Coffee shop next to Notting Hill Station 
  • Planet Organic 

All fantastic places for a coffee. Notting Hill is a very attractive and unique place to go for a walk with girls too. Just for simple dates its a lovely little spot. 

Best Times :

Weekdays 11-6pm 

Weekends 9-6pm 

Notting Hill Carnival ( Though this can attract a lot of drunk individuals. ) 

Worst times: 6-10pm at night  on a weekday 

Sloane square 


• Everyone here is BEAUTIFUL . Even if you got high standards Sloane Square is too high for you including the hottest English girls. The area with the old English money has migrated too Sloane square is full of high quality women probably the best looking in London. 

• Unique art expeditions on Friday and Saturday mean unique high quality women will be there too.

• The Saathchi art gallery is a great place to game tourists (also a good place for dates) 

• Theres a joe and the juice there amazing date spot

  • Generally a good spot for high quality classy women to be around in . 
  • Also has a Daylesford Organic food shop which attracts a number of women. 

Cons :

• During working days it gets really quiet Monday to Friday after 7pm,

• Egotistical rich kids might be too much for inexperienced day gamers to handle 

Best times :

Monday to Friday 4-7pm (after work rush) 

Worst times: 

Monday to Friday After 7pm 

Instant date spots: 

  • Joe and the juice. 
  • The square itself has lots of coffee shops and restaurants.  
  • Saatchi Gallery can be a good place to walk around during a date 



•  Full of high quality women in Harrods and high end retailers throughout the place. 

• Rich girls all over the place so no need for the provider frame 

• Excellent around Christmas time, girls love shopping in Harrods for their relatives. 

• Iconic place where tourists and women love. 

• Close to imperial college University and good museums. 

• The road outside Harvey Nichols is full of rich girls with amazing fashion senses. 

  • During University weekends a lot of students come and shop here so its a good place to get long term leads from women who might be bored at isolated universities outside London .
  • Great mix of women, if you love Asians this place is packed with them if you prefer Eastern European or Arabs Knightsbridge has them too. 

Cons : 

• Arab women may be alienating to some individuals. 

• Too many families at certain points might get annoying

• Only one street, the conservative Arab influence might get annoying

• Streets outside harrods can be narrow 

Best times 

Monday to Friday 6-10pm 

Worst times

Sunday after 6pm when Harrods shuts it can get very quiet and is there is no reason for anyone to really be there. 

Good date spots:

Cafe Nero and Costa both great for instant dates.

El and N Coffee place right next to Harrods is a fantastic spot for a nice coffee.

South Kensington (University campus area) 


• Imperial college is a great place to game women as the boys who study at the university often do a very analytical degree meaning their game will naturally suck. Therefore if you date someone from there you don’t have to deal with much competition since everyone is beta as fuck there. Imperial college is seen as a nerdy uni as its one of the best in the UK but is still full of hot women and the plus side the women who get in are probably intelligent and high quality . 

• You can actually get inside the uni , unlike the King’s and UAL, imperial’s security is far less stricter to get into , you can go inside the food court area and game people there and no one has confronted me about anything as of yet.  (Although since Covid has happened this has been a lot harder to do) 

• Great museums near by mean you get a mix of high quality tourists also the luxury shops in the area give rise to high quality women. 

  • The walk from South Kensington to Knightsbridge is usually fairly full of good high quality women . Also the large roads make stopping people pretty easy compared to otther places. 


• Imperial college is still quite a male dominated uni (70:30 percent)  Boy Girl ratio

• Quality of females isn’t as hot as other uni campuses. 

• Can be full of families and school trips although at the time of writing during Covid these groups are now a lot less. 

• Women in science unis can be over analytical and quite sexually frigid sometimes, especially at a university like Imperial which is prestigious this can lead to a few issues of women being egoistical and lacking a sexual spark because they are very focused on work. 

Best times: 

9-6pm Monday to Friday the uni area is good all the time 

Worst times 

Saturdays can be packed as fuck 

Instant date spot: 

  • ILY cafe next to the pret opposite the station is the best most intimate spot 
  • Leon Cafe shop.
  • Starbuck’s next to South Ken Station  

Kings Cross Station / University of Arts London 


• Full of variety. amazing place to game women, many different types of women coming from all types of backgrounds using kings cross. 

• If you get blown out women change often because they are catching trains therefore you’re unlikely to “be seen” by the same women

• Always packed even on Sundays, Sundays can be a difficult place to game as most areas are empty even uni places with shops closing early it can be difficult to find a good sport to game. 

• Near UAL which is 92 percent women and 8 percent men, of those 8 percent of men 6 percent of them are gay. Which is fantastic for game. You will have no local competition for the women you wish to date , the women you date will also lack options which is great for the long term dating plan, even if they flake on you they might change their mind afterwards and come round duets a lack of male options.

• Wide open roads that make it easy to stop women, no more barging in the way of people on oxford street. 

• Markets on the weekend and during the weekday mean a variety of tourists and people will be around

• Amazing spots for instant dates, lots of grass near the google building leading to a naturally peaceful place for an instant date

• University halls for King’s and UCL students are also nearby. 

• People at this uni are arty fashionable and usually rich. 

  • The Walk from King’s Cross station to Tottenham Court Road is usually full of students and has tonnes of opportunities to approach. 


• A high discography of asian women at UAL, in-spite of this there are many women at UAL (University arts London) from a variety of backgrounds but id say its around 70 percent asian. This still leaves 30 percent non asian women a lot of them are very fashionable and great to approach. 

• You cant get into the UAL campus unlike Imperial.

• At peak times people are often rushing for trains which can make it difficult to stop them. 

  • Since Covid the campus has been a little more quieter however this disadvantage has been outweighed by the positive of more people than usual actually drinking outside the bars. 

Best times 

Weekend: Anytime is good 

Weekday 9-5 pm 

When bars shut during the week at around 10pm  theres great opportunity to approach people now due to cover

Worst times

Weekday:5-6:30 maybe too packed 

Instant Date Spots: 

  • Joe and the Juice King’s Cross
  • Cafe Leon opposite the Google Headquarters 
  • Outside the big Waitrose next to UAL there are lots of places to sit
  • Numerous coffee shops around UAL. 

North Greenwich 


  • University of Greenwich campuses and Ravens-borough University  are here providing a lot of brand new students 
  • Good atmosphere with a lot of students drinking in pubs near North Greenwich Station. 
  • Close to Canary Wharf easy to do both big spots in the same day game session. 


  • Other than students theres not much in the part of London 

Instant Date Spots: 

  • Costa Coffee right next to the station 

Mile End 


• Queen Mary’s university is there and the volume of students that haven’t been approached. The uni accommodation halls are nearby which is also a possibility for a same day lay.

• Very near Liverpool Street and old street so it’s a good place to approach in and move on to other places 

• Very large amount of students and a good diverse range of females. 


• After 6pm and the classes finish during the day it can get absolutely dead 

  • If you work a Monday-Friday 9-5 job this place is going to be difficult to game in as most of the footfall is actually during working hours due to the heavily student orientated population. 
  • When there is reading week and term stops the place can get pretty dead. 

• It’s pretty grimy and polluted

Best times 

Monday-friday 9-5pm 

Worst times 

Monday -friday after 7pm

Saturday and Sunday can be tricky

Reading week

Check term dates if Queen Mary’s is on holidays then you’re fucked here 

Best place for date : 

Starbucks near the uni 

Uni Campus does coffee 

Westfield’s/shepherds Bush


• Large amount of women on the weekends and during the week after 5 

• The extension  of John Lewis leaves people with a lot of room to hide away if you get rejected. 

• Popular place with tourists shopping there 

• Protected from the woeful weather in winter time , this place is excellent in the winter with the warm condition makes it the perfect pickup place, added to the fact that many people are Christmas shopping at this time

• A new imperial college campus is here which means a lot of new students will be about 


• Can be absolutely packed on Saturdays and Sundays really hard to approach with the families very hard to open sets particularly on the weekends although since Covid 19 the numbers have gone down 

• Shuts early on Sundays and can get really dead 

• Monday to Friday before 5pm it can be really dead. 

• Can be awkward if it’s empty to run away from girls who blow you out you out it maybe tricky to open again in the shopping mall . 

  • Quality can be quite working class/lower middle class I tend to find Knightsbridge or Selfridges to be better. 

Best times 

Monday to friday after 6pm-10pm 

Worst times 

Saturday and Sunday its absolutely packed although due to Covid this is now not the case. 

Instant date spots: everywhere all over the Westfields mall, outside there are plenty of coffee shops and places to eat too. 

Fulham Broadway station.

Pros: • The station has alot of foot traffic and is very bright with a lot of light which in the dark winter time makes for a good place to approach. . 

  • A lot of famous high end gym spots which celebrities use could be a good opportunity to get a high status girl . 

• Whole foods with tonnes of beautiful  high quality women 

Beautiful places to go for instant dates. Lovely newly built coffee shops

• A lot of high end clubs and gyms there were high end celebrities do hang out in. Definitely a lot of interesting women around here. 


• During Chelsea matches it’s absolutely packed with fat guys , geezers and is an overwhelming place to approach. (although during Covid this hasn’t been a problem)

• On weekends can be a bit boring but still many good quality women around 

Best time to go 

Monday to Friday all times has decent footfall 

Weekends are good too 

Worst times: 

Don’t go when Chelsea FC has a home game it’s not worth it it will be packed 

Instant Date Spots: 

  • Whole foods does decent coffee 
  • Theres a dele market near the station with a variety of small eateries 
  • Plenty of Coffee Spots inside Fulham Broadway Station. 

Wimbledon : 


  • During the Wimbledon Tennis Championships it has probably the highest influx of tourists outside anywhere in London 
  • A few art colleges with the Wimbledon College of Art being the obvious famous one and campuses in the area also a popular destination for students to choose as their residence when they study. 
  • Wimbledon Village can serve as a cozy date spot with plenty of coffee shops to chose from. 
  • Quite a good Middle Class/Upper Class demographic to choose from .


  • Can be quite empty during the weekdays , due to Covid a fair few shops in the area have sense closed. 

Best Time to go: 

  • Wimbledon tennis championships every year this place is packed due to them. 
  • Weekdays from 5-8pm usually quite good
  • Weekends

Worst times: 

  • Weekdays during work hours 10-4pm

Instant Date Spots:

  • Joe and the Juice Wimbledon is a good starting point. 
  • Numerous ice cream places around the station 
  • Coffee shops and bars all over Wimbledon village makes for a nice walk too. 

London bridge 


• Great student area full of new king’s college students great for approaches. 

  • Alot of rich accomplished girls visit the shard. Minted high end tourists also hang out here going to places like the Shard etc. There are also numerous high end hotels at the spot . 

• Station is huge and is alight at night giving amble places to approach even in the dark cold winter weather 


• Uni campus gets dead after 6pm 

• Streets can be quite narrow outside the station 

Best time 

London bridge has good footfall all the time 

Worst time: 

Uni campus is dead after 6pm but the station is still very active and full of people coming from work 

Instant date spots:

Leon cafes everywhere all around and inside the station. On the weekend there’s the food market which might be a cozy place to grab something to eat . 

Canary Wharf 


• Shielded from the bad weather great to approach in all situations weather wise and with winter approaching this place is great as you’re protected from the woeful weather. 

• Full of clever accomplished corporate girls 

• Guaranteed footfall every weekday due to people working here

• Good tourists footfall at weekdays as it’s a connector station to the DLR. 


• Gets absolutely dead after 7pm on week days 

• Shopping mall is a bit dead on weekends 

  • During peak working hours its extremely packed although due to Covid this hasn’t been the case as much 

• Corporate girls can be intimidating 

Best times 

Monday to Friday 4-7pm 

Monday to Friday lunch times (many girls going for lunch in the Waitrose 

Worst times 

Monday to Friday after 8pm

Instant date spots

Many coffee shops inside the shopping mall , street places to eat outside of the station. In winter time they usually have some Christmas lights which can make for a cheap romantic date.  Also next to the Third Space Gym there are many restaurants that make for romantic spots to eat and drink with great views. 

Liverpool Street /old street 

Pros :

•  Young vibrate area packed with students and gluten free women 

  • The 24/7 light coming from inside the station means you wont have to worry about scaring girls due to low light. 

• Edgy and artistic people great for those who want to attract young women in their lives 

• Plenty of places for instant dates 

  • Walk between here and Shoreditch is packed full of students 


• Can be dead during the week before everyone has finished work 

• Can be dead on weekends before 6pm

• Very dead after 8 on weekdays  

Best times

Monday to Friday 5-7pm

Saturday and Sunday after 6pm 

Worst times 

Monday to Friday 9-5pm 

Saturday and Sunday 9-5pm 

Instant date spots 

Coffee shops all over the Station, also consider taking the woman to Soreditch for some unique and hipster joints. 

London School of Economics (Holborn Station) : 

Another great spot to meet aspiring universities students Holborn Station can be easily walked to from Russel Square 


  • Large amount of LSE students provide a solid opportunity  to game Freshers and Masters students. LSE has a massive influx of masters students each year so this serves as a good opportunity to game them. 
  • Good foot-flow of other people also walking down this road especially from 5-7 there is a decent volume 
  • Even during summer time there are still a large volume of students studying for PHDs and Summer schools here. 
  • You can get into a lot of the student Cafe Areas without being from the uni itself. 


  • Footflow can die out drastically after a certain time. 
  • “Nerdy” Orientated women might not be for everyone 

Oxford Street /Piccadilly/ Leicester Square 

• Pros : full of women all the time 

• Variety of nationalities from around the world

  • Whole Foods and Selfridges have a good quantity of high quality women . 
  • There’s volume here all times of day probably one of the few game spots in London where this can be considered the case. 


• full of other Puas all the fucking time 

• Annoying to compete with other puas , can make you look like a spammer. 

• Women may not see your approach as alpha If they’ve been approached before hand this damages the alphaness of the approach but is retrievable every situation is retrievable . 

• Full of tourists which means getting a LTR (long term relationships)  will be difficult tourists can be time Intensive for someone working a long hectic job with limited time to game I would actually spend the least amount of time. Remember approaching is capital intensive students and people living in London give you more long term fucking for your limited time.

• People can think you’re selling them something when approaching them 

• Streets are narrow and packed especially on weekends although since Covid 19 this has not been as much of an issue. 

Best times: all the time it’s packed Monday to Friday 

Worst times : Friday and Saturday 5-10pm here is absolutely packed and difficult to approach

During a holiday season. 

Best date spots: Joe and the Juice Soho, China town is packed full of Ice cream places to eat. Whole foods in Piccadilly is good to grab a health conscious drink like green tea and has actively available out door seating (as of writing October 2020) 

Earls court: 


• Station connects a lot of people many people working in London use this station to at least transfer from the district to the Piccadilly line. 

• No one approaches there my reactions personally have been great. 

• Good variety of girls from 5-7pm

• Connects to other great pua places nearby 

• University halls are here great amount of students 

  • Constant stream of new people can be good incase you’re worried about the person you’ve just closed “seeing you approach others” 


• Limited places to go 

• After an hour or so it’s best to go elsewhere as the area is quite small .

Best times 

Monday to Friday 5-7pm 

Worst times 

Monday to Friday before 5pm 

Instant date spots 

There’s a Starbucks and Costa coffee nearby the station 

Russell square (three universities SOAS/Birbeck/UCL)


• Lots of students good for long term “friends with benefits” and long term relationships 

• Three different universities , SOAS, Birkbeck and UCL all within a few feet of each other 

• Bookshops packed full of students 

• Lots of introverted girls looking for more intimate connections, SOAS is quite arty. 

  • Due to Covid people seem quite upbeat and even more willing to meet people here. 
  • Planet Organic nearby where students often go to drink coffee is a great place to meet health conscious students. 


• Absolutely dead on the weekend

• During reading weeks and when terms end it can be absolutely dead. This place ride and dies on students. 

Best time 

Monday to Friday 9am-9pm 

Worst time 

The weekend 

Instant date spots:coffee shops in the Waterstones book shop by the university campuses is great although Planet Organic is still a good choice. 

High street Kensington 

Pros : 

  • Whole foods full of beautiful women is always packed . 
  • High quality women everywhere 
  • Good long street to approach and move around .
  • Three story whole foods plenty of places to go to if you get rejected. 
  • Equinox Gym near the station for many fitness minded students.

Since Covid 19 the whole foods has gotten emptier however emptiness does not necessarily mean that there wont be opportunities , theres also less security walking around since Covid so its still an ideal game for interactions also footfall is great here on Sundays as it’s the day many people leave their foodshopping on until. 


Security in whole foods can be intimating 

Not many students 

High quality women might be intimidating for beginners 

Instant date spots 

Joe and the juice High Street Kensington is the ideal spot although Whole Foods High Street Kensington is my personal favourite spot to buy food with girls before I  cook for them at my place. The heavily stimulated food has a great variety of foods for all nationalities of girl and can be a great place to trigger excitement before the date. 

Putney bridge


  • High quality middle upper class women 
  • No one approaches there , competition is low 
  • High return rate per approach 


  • After 6pm in the winter time it can get extremely dark 
  • During the day it can be empty  try and aim for 5-7pm 

Best times to go 

The weekend 

Monday to Friday 5-7pm 

Best Date Spots 

Numerous coffee shops all over putney high street 



  • During the summer time this place can be amazing to walk round with women everywhere. 
  • Whole foods which is packed full of high quality women and is very large giving ideal space to move around and do multiple sets in one session. 
  • Many bars and restaurants with romantic views a good date spot for those living far from central. 


  • Empty during the weekday after 7pm 

Best time to go : 

  • Weekends especially Sunday Whole foods 

Worst Times to go : 

  • After 7pm on a weekday. 

Instant date spots: 

  • Walking Along the river 
  • Juice at Whole Foods. 



• Great place to game even during the weekday late at night its still full of people 

• Great variety of women all the time

• Next to a Kings college uni campus so ideal for gaming students as well 

• Many different people pass waterloo each day

• Shielded from the shitty weather and cold 

• light during night, less creepy approaching girls during the night 

  • Great at all times of day 
  • Easy to close girls and not have to worry about them “seeing you again” as with stations its easy to close a girl and having them catch a train thereafter making it hard for them to see you picking up girls . A problem with shopping malls and areas alike to them is that you can run into the problem of re seeing the people you’ve approached and closed which may cause them to loose attraction to you once they notice you approaching other girls. 


  • Some Individuals maybe hard to stop as they’re catching a train 
  • Approaching in masks maybe seen as tricky for some people but I think you should just bite the bullet and do it regardless. 

Best time: 

Monday to Friday 9-4pm 

Monday to Friday after 7pm 

Worst times 

Saturday  all day 

Monday to Friday 5-7pm 

Best date spots 

Pure coffee next to Foyles book shop , alternatively going for a walk to London bridge there are many street food joints on the way. 



• Many tourists and high quality women  pass by

• shielded from the rain and bad weather 

• Light all the time in the station make it great for approaching women. 


• Can get busy during 5-7pm after work 

Best times:

Monday to Friday 9-4 

Monday to Friday After 7pm 

Worst times 

Monday to Friday 5-7pm 

Best date spots:

Coffee shops everywhere 

Clapham junction 


• One of the busiest stations this place is packed full of women throughout the day. 

• A whole foods nearby is full of beautiful women too. 

• A large street nearby is perfect for approaching 

• constant footfall and the station is big enough to stop women


• can get busy after work 5-7pm 

• Can be dead during the weekday

• Charity workers can get irritating 

Best times:

Saturday and Sunday all day 

Monday to Friday after 6 

Worst times 

Monday-Friday 5-6pm 

Best date spots 

  • Joe and the juice 
  • Whole foods can be a good place to grab a drink and they’ve recently built a coffee shop inside the area. 



• A lot of students live here who go to imperial college and UCL

• Great place to approach at night as the station is still full of light

• Many people go here for nights out to go to gigs and drinks etc.

• Not many people PUA here, reactions are often good. 

• Not too crowed after work times 

• Good connection to other good PUA spots like South ken 


• Limited During the weekday 

• Few annoying Charity workers 

Best times

Monday to friday after 5pm 

Worst times 

Monday to Friday 9-4pm 

Instant date spots: 

Theres a león right in the station 

Paddington station 


• Very popular station full of students 

• European Business school there is also student 

• Good footfall Sunday evenings where everywhere else is usually dead

• A lot of international people rent near here when studying in London as rent is cheaper. 


• Narrow streets outside make it a bit annoying to stop people 

• A little bit too touristy at times 

• quite a limited area around the station 

Best times 

Sunday after 6pm 

Worst times 

Monday to friday 5-7pm 

Instant date spots: 

Lots of coffee shops 

Other Gaming Opportunities Festivals : 

Whilst festivals have been all but cancelled during the year of Covid 2020 there will be opportunities in terms of festivals to maximise your daygaming potential. Festivals like Yoga/ Fitness festivals are a great opportunity to meet high value women who look after their health.  Find a festival or event that matches what you’re looking for in a woman. 

 Shit Weather: 

As weather can get worse in London it shouldn’t be seen as an excuse not to day-game. Women are still women and they will still be attracted to you regardless of weather. If anything approaching in bad weather can be seen as a more courageous and romantic act if done right of  course.  I’d recommend sticking to shops on certain days and have found the following to be good: 

  • Whole Foods on a Sunday Is prime time in fact any supermarket is usually more packed on a Sunday than any day of the week. I find especially when it rains any of the whole foods in these locations can be packed with women : Piccadilly, Clapham Junction , Richmond , Fulham, High Street Ken can provide great opportunities. 
  • Organic Food Shops like Daylesford Organic in Sloane square and Notting Hill are also good spots to game .
  • Fortnum and Mason- Another chain of shops extremely popular during the poor weather absolutely rammed with students from LSE and people new to London as everyone seems to desire to shop like the queen. The Fortnum and Mason in Piccadilly is three floors giving you plenty of places to open sets and to move if you’ve been blown out.  Quality tends to be high as the products in this shop are quiet expensive. 
  • Canarf Wharf Shopping Mall- Yes you have to approach in masks but still the foot flow is excellent here leading to many opportunities  , the mall has plenty of room to manoeuvre 
  • Westfield’s shopping centre either in Salford or Shepherd’s bush these areas can have great foot flow. With the only downside being that they can be very packed with other people doing daygame. 
  • Harrods or Harvey Nichols – Knightsbridge. Always great foot-flow in these two shops all the time , fantastic places fro meeting high quality women. 
  • Stations: Train stations offer a large amount of light all the time which can stop girls getting creeped out also makes it easier to see people in the dark (sounds obvious but still a big plus side) I’d recommend a station with a good foot flow like Kings Cross, Victoria, Canary Wharf,  Liverpool Street , Earl’s Court and Waterloo all 5 have constant footfall all the time. 

Hope you enjoyed the guide for networking , coaching and other queries email me at 🙂 I shall be updating my blog often with more spots in London and writing about gaming in other countries soon . 

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